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About Us

Our Vision:
Martec Construction, Inc. specializes in tenant improvements on commercial buildings for the Federal Government, Public Works Agencies, and the Private Sector since 1988. Integrity, ethics, dependability and commitment is what makes Martec Construction the “one-stop-shop” and the “go-to-contractor” for excellent customer services.


Martec Construction, Inc. is building the 21st Century!

Martec has performed work as a general contractor and holds the highest security clearances for various tenant improvement and/or alteration projects for agencies such as INS, IRS, District Court, Senator Boxer’s Office, Secret Service, State Department, DEA, U.S. Bankruptcy, FBI, Department of Home Land Security and U.S. Marshall. 

Martec specializes in renovating of existing office spaces by constructing partition walls, installation of walls, installation of doors, windows and cabinets, ceramic tiles, carpet, cove base, and acoustical T-bar ceiling.  Martec has extensive experience in all aspects of electrical from installation of switchgear, panel boards, lightening systems, plugs, switches, and conduit support security wiring, data voice wiring, emergency generators and control wiring for HVAC, fire control systems, and building management systems. Martec has worked in offices, detention centers, mechanical rooms, elevator machine rooms, security command centers, and in computer rooms.

Martec is relentless in keeping all of its projects on task and on schedule.  Whenever possible, Martec thrives on finishing projects ahead of schedule.  It is pertinent to take note that Martec performs in a workmanlike manner with no disruption of operation to the client.  Martec takes pride in all work performed by “in-house” personnel as well as its subcontractors.  It is the utilization of Martec’s “in-house” personnel and close supervision of subcontractors, working as a team that gives Martec its competitive edge.